Dipped richly in commercial EDM and tinged with some heartfelt acoustics, Glen Hartmann’s unique brand of pop has found a new source of inspiration following the South African artist’s move to the UK.  

The music video for his most recent single ‘Heartbeat’, in fact features London as the backdrop, using the atmospheric city to portray the electric first taste of emotional intimacy described in the lyrics.  

The track itself stays true to Glen’s experimental side, utilising a pop lyrical base fused with pulsating synths and an electronic beat. Even layering an undertone of acoustic guitar to provide a soft contrast to the track’s edgier EDM tones, and a nod to his beginnings as a singer-songwriter. Yet this is only the start of Glen’s musical journey within the UK, as he plans on using all the unique musical influences that stem out of London, to continue reshaping the essence of pop. 

“The thriving music scene in London excites me and is like my new playground in a sense. This is the place for me to discover new opportunities and try new things, and really get stuck into the industry here that has so much to offer”, Glen says. “There’s so much happening here, and there are so many people who are so passionate about making this industry work … and I think it’s quite special.” 

Having been previously featured in numerous major South African publications including People Magazine SA and News 24, among others, Glen has also made appearances on TV shows such as SABC’s 'The Hectic Nine9 Show' and 'The Expresso Show', as well as receiving airplay on radio stations like KFM and East Coast Radio.

Glen's first London release, 'Heartbeat', has received an overwhelmingly positive response, being played on radio stations around the UK and has received airtime in New York and Amsterdam. It has been added to various Spotify playlists. The release has caught the eye of online press and social media alike, with the likes of Vents Magazine and Caesar Live N Loud covering the release of the song.

Citing EDM hitmakers like Marshmello and The Chainsmokers as major influences within his music, Glen is well on his way to craft a whole new musical story through the UK’s diverse soundscape. For in a constantly evolving genre that is bent on breaking its own boundaries, Glen Hartmann aims to utilize his environment to craft a sound that is completely his own.